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‘I Lost 80 Pounds By Following This Super-Popular Eating Plan’


I joined Weight Watchers and committed to going to a meeting every Monday night—even if I would just weigh in and go back to work. I chose Weight Watchers because I liked the aspect of the meeting rooms. That made the big difference for me. Even if I had ups and downs, being able to go back into a meeting and immediately feel like I wasn’t alone was what I needed. I used to feel like people weren’t going through the same weight-loss journey as I was. Maybe they were, but I didn’t really see it among my friends. Going to a Weight Watchers meeting and being able to say “I ate an entire box of Cheez-Its last night” and having people understand instead of hearing “Why didn’t you stop?” made me feel normal. I made friends at meetings that I would look forward to seeing week after week.


I finally feel like I am worthy of the journey to stay healthy. To this day, self-love is one of my biggest hurdles that I face. But the thoughts I have about myself have grown from shame to like to love.

For so long I believed that if I just lost 50 pounds everything would be great. But unfortunately, once you lose the weight, you have to deal with why you’re unhappy. Negative self-talk is a big thing that I struggle with.

In Weight Watchers I learned helpful strategies such as flipping to a positive thought when you have a negative one in your head, or if you think you’re going to weigh in heavier, telling yourself three good things that went right last week. I can’t thank this journey enough for giving me that.

The first few weeks were a wake-up call. I had been way off-base with what a real portion size was. I was eating the recommended amount of daily points in a single meal! Seeing the calorie and nutritional value laid out this way really helped steer me to healthier options like fruits and veggies.


Find your tribe! You do not have to do this journey alone. Use social media, use a support group, find a friend. Whatever you need to do, know there are people in your corner rooting for you to succeed. If you can’t think of someone, reach out to me and I will be your cheerleader!

At my heaviest, between 2004 and 2005, I weighed 235 pounds. I was lazy with my eating. I didn’t care or love myself enough to make a change for a long time. It was so much easier to
In fall of 2009, I hit my breaking point. I was tired of being unhappy within my own body. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines of my own life. Whenever I went out, I would take people’s photos in order to avoid being in them. If friends were going to the beach, I’d turn down the invite. I didn’t feel comfortable exploring the city for fear I would be too big to fit certain places. I picked the safe things to do where I could hide in the background or be one of a group. Avoiding photo opps backfired that Halloween. After looking at a picture of myself from a Halloween party, I walked into my first official Weight Watchers meeting on November 2, and never looked back.